#Chartership evidence – How Do You Arrange Yours?

So I have all my evidence. I have a statement I’m happy with. Or happier than I was this time last week. Next question! In what order or using what specifics do I arrange my evidence in? I am sure; much like 90% of the #chartership process there is no single right way. But… this doesn’t mean there is not a wrong way! Of the portfolio examples I have seen, there have been different uses, but all are divided into sections. So far I have come up with five options, none of which feel wrong, but none jump out as being ‘right’ either:

Option 1 – Using the Chartership Criteria


Section 1 – Reflect on Personal Performance & Evaluate Service Performance

1.A Bolton’s Health Matters Website Development Project

1.A.1 Bolton’s Health Matters MAP

1.B NHS Bolton Library Reclassification Project

1.B.1 Learning Log


Would be very easy to follow. In theory. Linked to core of Chartership


Almost all of evidence does not fit neatly under one heading. In my statement I did not use the headings more grouped together with themes (more or less). How do I decide what piece of evidence belongs there? Will I be happy with my choice? As a Library manager any active commitment to CPD I show will have links back to service development.

Option 2 – Using my overall CPPD (Continued Professional and Personal Development) Plan Headings


Section 1 – Broaden Professional Skill Set and Knowledge

  1. Becoming LIHNN Quality Chair
    1. Learning Log – Quality Chair 1
    2. Learning Log -Quality Chair 2
    3. Meeting Minutes
  2. Copyright Awareness Session
    1. Certificate


Again very straightforward. The evidence is linked to the CPPD Plan directly.


Again my evidence doesn’t neatly fit under these headings. Would I ever be happy with the choices I made? Also there are subheadings within my CPPD Plan – do I need to link it down to the child heading or would parent do?

Option 3 – Single Alphabetical List


  1. ’23 Things’ Participation.
    1. Learning Log
    2. Blog Post
  2. Appraisal Between myself and Line Manager.
    1. NHS Bolton Appraisal PPDP Document


No headings. No decisions. A simple list. Easy to follow.


This seems quite basic. Isn’t linked to any of the core documents. I am an information professional. I manage information – the best I could come up with is a simple list?

Option 4 – Chronological Order


  1. Supporting Chartership Event
    1. Certificate
  2. Appraisal Between myself and Line Manager
    1. NHS Bolton Appraisal PPDP Document


Again very straightforward. Very easy to follow. You could use a bookmark!


Very basic. No structure. Isn’t linked to any of the core documents. Some documents get refered to multiple times. How would that work?

Option 5 – My Own Headings


Section 1 -Experiential Continued Professional Development Activities

1.A Shadowing ‘Ask Bolton’ Public Library Enquiry Service Team

1.A.1 Learning log – Operational Shadowing

1.A.2 Learning log – Strategic Shadowing

1.A.3 Learning log – Being Shadowed

1.A.4 Statement from ‘Shadower’

1.B NHS Bolton Library Reclassification Project

1.B.1 Learning Log – Reclassification



My evaluative has a thematic flow to it. It would make sense to use these themes as dividers of evidence.


How hard will it be fore someone else to follow? Will it make sense only to me? Also like the 1st choices, the evidence could live in more than one theme happily.

So – what do you think? Am I worrying too much? Do you have any ideas yourself or how you arranged it? There are advantages to each approach. In the meantime I may continue with the alphabetical until I make a final decision.


#Chartership Meeting…err 8? 9? Getting. Shit. Done./The Final Countdown

Today I had another Chartership mentor meeting with my Mentor, Gil. As they have all tended to be they have been positive experiences. After every meeting I have gone away with something in mind, even when the Chartership process wasn’t quite clicking with me. But today, was probably the best yet. Over the past fortnight or so, I had begun to get on a roll with the entire workload and now I can see the light…at the end of the tunnel. I have decided on my evidence. I have managed to get themes/flow through my evaluative statement. I’d actually managed to get something down for the statement. That has been the biggest barrier for me the statement. My mind just kept drawing a blank. But I have begun to use my own versions of ‘learning logs’ to record important events, be they relevant to Chartership or not. These have helped me immensely. Continue reading “#Chartership Meeting…err 8? 9? Getting. Shit. Done./The Final Countdown”

2012 – My Goals

Last year at this time of year, I did a blog post focusing on approximately 20 resolutions for the New Year, both professional and personal. I achieved about 7 of them, though many were very vague and unachievable as they were un-measurable. SMART they were not! So with that in mind, and with new techniques learned in 2011, I have 1 (albeit elongated) WFO or ‘Well Formed Outcome’ for 2012:

“By December 31st 2012 I shall be a Chartered, Master(ful), Skinnier, Soberer Librarian”

Library Day in the Life 7 Day 4 #libday7

Another day…

This day in all honesty, was not really about me, it was about the Public Library future. 5 to shut , 13 fte to go, not good.

Projected Day

  • Blog Work
  • Information Consultancy
  • Chartership
  • GP Webpage
  • LQAF work

Anyway… onto me! Pre-work I finished the shadowing document (‘What I do’) for the person shadowing me tomorrow morning. I’ve not really done anything like this before. Day started 7;56 and as the last have – blog population and sorting emails – I was finished pretty early as the RSS feed was mainly full of the weeks earlier stories as reported in the newspapers (Guardian, Telegraph, Independent and Daily Mail). This allowed to start the information consultancy a little bit earlier – today’s ‘topic group exercise and its validity as a treatment (physio’). After a slow start, I got my head round it, and that can be viewed by clicking here . This took all the allotted time, but this was due to the public library based interruptions and a couple of phone calls/enquiries. One was about e-journals and the link resolver – I found it quite nice in my ego-centred way (more on that later!) that my advice was asked. This may have also been because I discussed here and on twitter yesterday. A quick aside –I do find Twitter useful as a problem solving resource – yesterday I helped someone out and was also helped out someone (again baa-lated thanks Alan J) . I have the suspicion that more than a few on Twitter actually talk more than they do (I consider myself a practical or ‘doing’ librarian) but there are some absolute gems out there.

Onto the afternoon – got round to doing a bit of Chartership work whilst having my lunch, this ended with me producing a snazzy ‘smart-art’ (oxymoronic title) diagram about Chartership evidence. I also finally got round to sorting the library webpage on the GP education site. Connecting with the GP & clinical commissioning group is a key priority for me. I’ve been thinking of a sort of portfolio of evidence provision. Just a thought at this time though. This took less time than expected, so I managed to draft the days we have a work experience person in – the 2nd 2 Fridays in August. It hit me that I do not know at what level she is at – do secondary school pupils have to do their work experience in holiday-time? A masters student? More a foot in the public health door? Who knows? I should ask, but I probably won’t! During this, my line manager sent an email round asking for everyone’s completed appraisal forms as only I had done it so far. The email including the line ‘I shouldn’t be telling Michael this as his head is big enough already’. What could he possibly mean? It’s not like I tried to sneak ‘He is the best one’ under agreed strengths or anything… Though he liked the implementation plan (not the grammar it contained however…)

The day finished with me developing a feedback system for the library. Although I assess the core services regularly, we’ve never had an ongoing system. We currently have about 40% of one.

I spoke to my library assistant today and praised him for what he had showed me this week. I’m quick enough to criticise him, so it was only right I did this. This week has opened my eyes a little, I may be a little overbearing on him, meaning he uses me as a metaphorical crutch when we work together. It occurred to me I was doing what my previous manager did to me, and thankfully he is a nicer person than me, as otherwise it could have led to similar frustrations and resentment. He has showed me, and himself I believe that he doesn’t need to rely on me for most enquiries, just the 10-20% I emailed the staff about on Monday.

Well tomorrow – last day – another staffing issue, the shadowing and an AGM I have tried to avoid going to all week…


Prince2 Foundation Course – Why I am doing

This is just going to be a quick blog post about why I have started the Prince2 foundation course and why I think it is important for my development.

Project management is something I do already, and something I do quite well if unstructured – often by learning from experiences, both positive and negative. I am doing this course not only to show that I have these skills, but also to fill any gaps in my knowledge there may be. I think this is vital to give me a more rounded approach to how I manage projects – especially considering it is a accredited and standardised approach. I am hopeful that this will reduce the time I currently spend on projects, often micro-managing them in such a way that I do most of the work myself.

It is also important because it is an e-course (self-funded) that is run through INFocus/ILX Group. I have not embraced pure e-learning as much as I should have, as the only real encounters I have had with it have been through work-based mandatory training. It is broken down into 8 sections – from introduction, covering the aspects of Prince2 through to mock-exams. There is an exam on September 27th 2011. Eeep! I am looking forward to it, though I know I need to put real effort into it if I want to pass, and possibly more importantly give myself the time to put the effort into it.


My Appraisal 15th July 2011

I thought, as part of this ‘year’ of development, it would be useful to discuss my annual work appraisal that happened on Friday 15th July 2011 at 9am. Its not a blow-by-blow account of the meeting rather a flavour of what was reflected upon and what is to be achieved.

Working within the NHS, yearly reviews or appraisals are common throughout the overall organisation – if not a requirement. I have had one every year since I started in 2004, with both my line managers. They are intended to be positive experiences (looking at what went well, employee strengths etc.) with a focus on improvement (developmental needs) rather than recrimination and punishment. Each organisation has a different method of review, and I think NHS Bolton’s is quite a straightforward process – focusing on the previous year’s aims/objectives, other highlights from the year, objectives for the upcoming year and developmental requirements.

I believe I have a very good and open relationship with my line manager, we know each other’s strengths/weaknesses and we respect and trust each other. He is not a library person, which is a good thing as he is not bogged down with a library mentality, and especially the old-school NHS library mentality which unfortunately still prevails in some areas. This has allowed us to develop the service without any constraints and to how it benefits the service users, not the way ‘it has always been done’ and to be innovative etc. He allows me to make the decisions for the library and I do not feel the need to shy away or hide things or be ‘not as honest as I could be’ when developing ideas or services. I think he dreads the ‘I’ve just picked a fight with…’ emails though. Working with him has also developed relationships with other people within the ‘health community’ in Bolton as he is well respected and well liked by most people he works with, and is very good at sharing networks and useful contacts. I never had any issues with my previous line manager – in fact, without her I would not be where I am today – it’s just I have a very different working relationship, more of a partnership (with his obvious seniority) versus the more traditional line manager relationship that was prevalent before. Maybe I am more mature as person. I believe I am getting (as one should) more developed as a person year by year.

The previous year I felt was good but could have been a lot better. I am quite pessimistic when it comes to my own performance, and while I do not honestly expect to achieve greatness every single day, often I have felt days and weeks go by where I have not been at the level where I should be. I often feel that I often attempt to do a lot, but often do not achieve everything, possibly because I attempt so much. I feel have developed as a line manager, and as member of staff for the organisation, and within the library community. My manager was more positive about the previous year, discussing how I had developed and grown within the organisation, saying as well as himself, senior staff both in the organisation and in the wider library community he had spoken about me too. This was very nice to hear, as often I exist within my own little bubble, and the fact that I am recognised is very reassuring. I thought the ‘wins’ from the past 12 months were the development of the library as a strategic organisation including an actual strategy, marketing plan, annual report etc none of which it has had before. The library has had its first stock audit in at least 8 years (possibly ever) and the library as a ‘brand’ has developed adequately.

We had agreed 5 general aims in last year’s appraisal:

  1. LQAF – Whilst receiving an acceptable and fair LQAF score, I felt it could be a better. I feel it was low because of a lack of organisation on my part, as I have overall responsibility for this.
  2. Masters Course – For the taught section I have received a merit. Whilst OK, I lost interest with the course very early on, and did not put as much effort in as I could and probably should have. I feel a distinction mark was easily achievable as the work, at no point was remotely challenging.
  3. JSNA Development – This is still ongoing, and as a core member of the development team, I know we are on schedule. When this project is launched I will be managing the ‘hub’.
  4. PHIT Reports – I contribute to the Public Health Intelligence Reports, and have produced the expected work. Due to the release of the NHS Bolton Public Health Annual Report, the emphasis on ‘library corner’ has been downplayed.
  5. Cancer Information Points – Due to TCS changes, these did not happen. However the separate ‘Health Information Points’ have launched in all the branch public libraries, though not without difficulties.

The aims for the upcoming year are:

  1. Complete Masters Dissertation – The dissertation is focusing upon knowledge management in the public sector, and more specifically the launch of the aforementioned JSNA ‘Knowledge Hub’. It is not due until April 2012, though I have yet to really focus upon this.
  2. Complete Chartership – I began the Chartership process on May 2nd 2011. I fully expect to complete it within the allotted 12 month period.
  3. JSNA Knowledge Hub – To ensure it launches effectively as it should, by taking a leading role in the development, launch and management of hub.
  4. To ensure that the library completes and develops it LQAF score by 5% this year gearing towards a 15-20% improvement in 3 years.
  5. Library Future – To ensure library has a future (something I am more concerned about than line manager) and that it is in its correct position of supporting both NHS/Social Care Staff and Health & Wellbeing board in the evidence-based decision making process.
  6. Library Re-Brand – The library has been due a re-brand for years. It needs to develop its brand to fully realise its potential.
  7. New User Groups – With the changes happening within NHS, there is plentiful opportunity to reach out and secure new user groups that will allow library to expand scope.
  8. Improve management skills – I feel I need to develop my project management, time management and line management skills more to work more effectively in achieving these goals
  9. Departmental relationships/networking skills – I need to become more associated with the head office & beyond the department I need to network more, and network better.
  10. Improve classification skills – The library needs a total re-classification. I lack the skills at this time to do this and they were not provided within the masters course.
  11. Improve web development skills – The library web presence needs improvement. To fully do this (with no money to) I will need to develop my web development skills (HTML, basic code, CSS etc.). I lack in this area and they were not provided within the masters course

I realise there is a lot of work here to be done, and this is on top of the work I already do. It may not all be achievable, but I will try. I am driven to be better, to get better, and try and be the ‘best’ that I can be. I am going to try to achieve this by a mix of being self-taught in certain areas, shadowing other staff (such as other PHIT members to learn basics of SPSS that will help with dissertation etc.) and go on courses – such as those provided by the local library network i.e. Marketing; in-house i.e. NHS LQF Project 360 management course as well as further afield – for example I am currently embarking on a self-funded Prince 2 project management course. As I have said I have strong support and a good relationship with my line manager as well as a good peer-support network. I think this is do-able, and that the next 12 months are going to be challenging and worthwhile.