Top 10 PS1/PS Classic Games

*Updated August 2016* (I am replaying many of the old games I missed first time round)

  1. Crash Team Racing
  2. Driver
  3. WWF Smackdown Know Your Role
  4. UEFA Champions Leauge
  5. FIFA Road to World Cup 98
  6. Crash Bandicoot
  7. Silent Hill
  8. Doom
  9. Knockout Kings 00
  10. Dino Crisis

Why I love GTA III…

The screen fades to black, the intro music kicks up and the yellow writing appears. My world gets smaller and for that moment I’m truly home…

There’s a saying about golf that goes along the lines of once you have played your first round, every round after that is about trying to achieve the impossible – the perfect game.

Well GTA III was like that for me. I had played computer games before, but never, ever anything like this.It just blew me away. It was so unique (to me), so exciting, so grown up. Some games have come close, but nothing has scratched that itch…

Sure, its aged. Sure it’s not the prettiest game. It’s not even the ‘best’ GTA game – Vice City and San Andreas are superior. But its something special. I still know the characters, the missions and the radio stations. Oh! The radio stations!!