Learning Log 61 – Mobilising Evidence & Knowledge Event

Date: 20th June 2017

Number: 61

Significant Experience: I attended the NW Mobilising Evidence and Organisational Knowledge Event

What Happened?: It was a peer led (by Emily, Susan, Gil and Vicki) day through all the different tools available to mobilise knowledge through the Knowledge for Healthcare platform.

So What?: It was a very interesting day (if very clinically focused, much like KfH in general with little relevance to PH work which is locally in a different political environment and nationally isn’t focus of KfH)

Now What?: I shall feedback the positives (and negatives) to my team

When & Where?: 20th June 2017, Manchester


Learning Log 31: Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme – Change Management Workshop

Date: 27th September 2016

Number: 31

Significant Experience: The 3rd Knowledge for Healthcare Workshop hosted by Jo Alcock

What Happened?: It was a very interesting session that had a focus on change management in the afternoon, with a vairty of topics covered in the morning including a leadership discussion,overview of course (and upcoming activity), and Sue Lacy Bryant discussing her leadership/career journey.

So What?: The most important of the the morning topics was the ‘leadership journey’ of Sue Lacey Bryant, which I found very interesting – not only the journey through primary care into primary care leadership, but also the concept of a succesful ‘Portfolio Career’. This concept seems very appealing to me, though I’m not sure I am brave enough to try it just yet, the message of ‘magic happening’ outside of your comfort zone is one I have began to embrace over the past few months, and is one of the reasons I am on the KfH Leadership course! Whilst the concept of change management is not new to me, The NHS Change Model and its 8 interlinking components was. In the activity around these, the importance of a wellrounded approach to these differing (but linked) components really spoke to me.

Now What?: Mixing both what I learned from the change management disucssion and what Sue discussed in her leadership, I am going to use the PKSB for Health to develop my own personal platform to help guide myself to the next stage of my career as I feel I have begun to professionally stagnate somewhat.

When & Where?: Manchester, 14th September 2016

Health Libraries Group Conference 2016 #HLG2016

There has already been some very excellent overviews (I’ve seen Alans & Abis excellent pieces already) of the events of HLG 2016 that I could not hope to replicate so I shall not try. Instead, I am going to use a learning log approach to highlight my key learnings from the conference – that is not to say that I didn’t find value in the sessions not covered below!

Something that I was very happy with was the ability connect personally with new people  – or more accurately Twitter friends –  such as Alan Fricker whom I had a lovely run with on the Thursday morning or Sue Lacy Bryant whom I had met in person for the first time at the Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme the day prior to HLG . Just as important was the opportunity HLG2016 gave me in reconnecting with people I know, but haven’t kept in contact with (normally through my own ignorance and isolationist tendencies).  On the Thursday evening, the conference dinner – that I had been absolutely dreading – was much fun thanks to all my LIHNN North West colleagues in attendance that put me at ease, especially Gil & Tracey – with whom I made many red wine fuelled plans :-). Earlier in the day I also had opportunity to catch up with my old friend Amy, whom I had not seen in far too long, and we had plenty of time to make each other laugh!

In the days leading up to HLG my anxieties had very nearly talked me out of attending. I am so very thankful I didn’t bottle it. I had a brilliant couple of days both professionally and personally, learnt so much which I am looking forward to putting into practice.

Learning Log 32: HLG 2016 Day 1 Keynote

Date: 19th September 2016


Significant Experience: HLG 2016 Day 1 Keynote

What Happened?: I attended the keynote address for HLG 2016 by Louise Gowsami and Patrick Mitchell which focused on and update of Knowledge for Healthcare, the current change cycle within the health economy and how these two are intertwined.

So What?: These was very important as being outside of the NHS often means that were are kept on the periphery of updates. Getting such a sharp update on the progress of KfH and the current STP proccess was very helpful

Now What?: I shall find out what my role specifically and my team (PHIT) role within the Greater Manchester STP process. This shall help us understand what we can do to support the process and increase our visibility. There are also several tools to support my work being launched: Knowledge Management Toolkit, the Value and Impact Toolkit, I shall be investigating these to see how they can improve my effectiveness.

When & Where: 15th September 2016, HLG 2016, Scarborough.

Learning Log 22 – Co-Hosting the Leadership UKMedlibs Chat

Date: 17th August 2016

Number: 22

Significant Experience: Co-hosting the monthly #ukmedlibs chat, this time on leadership within health libraries and the Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programmee

What Happened?: The full transcript can be found here: http://embed.symplur.com/twitter/transcript?hashtag=ukmedlibs&fdate=08-16-2016&shour=12&smin=00&tdate=08-16-2016&thour=13&tmin=15

So What?: This was a very useful experience discussing leadership within health libraries with my peers. It was helpful to hear the differences of people approach and opinion to leadership challenges and how a persons personal expereinces can influence their own view of an accepted topic. There was also good discussion on the concept of authentic leadership.

Now What?: From this learning I shall now make a concerted effort to fully develop my ‘authentic leader’ as this learning has clarified that this approach is best for me.

When & Where?: Online – 16th August 2016

Learning Log 23 – Knowledge for Healthcare Webinar: People Management

Date: 25th July 2016

Number: 38

Significant Experience: Webinar as part of Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership programme

What Happened?: It was a webinar (hosted by Jo Alcock) that examined people management using 3 practical examples – managing people, managing change and managing volunteers. The 3 speakers (Victoria, Nimah & Imrana) were all very engaging and provided there practical experiences of the particular topic.

So What?: This webinar was very useful as it showed these different people approaching these different problems and how these were overcome/dealt with – what soft approaches were used. It showed that beyond the standard approcahes you can use your personality – your authentic leadership skills – in different management situations

Now What?: This learning has resolved me to refocus my attention on developing my authentic leadership style by finishing off ‘Why Should anyone be lead by you?’ book and starting North Handbook on developing authenticty within leadership

When & Where?: Online – 25th July 2016

Learning Log 1 – Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme launch session

Date: 24th April 2016

Number: 16

Significant Experience: Attended the lauch of the NHS Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme

What Happened?: It was a day long introduction to the leadership programme, including an overview of topics to be covered, an introduction to some basic concepts of leadership, leadership paths for ‘NHS Library Leaders’ and the start of our group work. The main thing that jumped out to me was the concept of ‘Authentic Leadership’ so I am going to investiagte this concept further.

So What?: This session helped me develop an understanding of what the course offers, and what is expected of me.  I am aware of the challenges that this course may take both professionally (in terms of workload, getting time off etc) and personally (working in different ways, being put in challenging sitauations, working in a group enviornment I may not control etc) but that is one of the main reasons I am undertaking the course to challenge myself as a leader and as a professional.

Now What?: Moving forward from this I shall focus on the course and contribute both to my own and my fellow programme buddies development. This shall enable me to become a better leader within my organisation and by becoming more effective in how I operate.

When & Where?: London (HEE) 11th March 2016