Useful Resources for Health Library Folk

As a Public Health Librarian based within the North-West, I am very lucky to have a strong network around me that provides CPD, shares best practice and are genuine, nice folk! Not everyone  I am going to start sharing and signposting to resources that I am aware of, and hopefully they will be of interest to potential and other current health library folk (and sectors beyond) . If you are aware of anything that could be useful – please share!

  • Quality Handbook – An useful resource that provides an introduction to/refresher on internal and external quality drivers for NHS Libraries.
  • MAP Alignment Toolkit – very useful resource that supports helping libraries with alignment  Useful for business planning etc.
  • SHALL – Strategic Health Authority Library Leads website. Lots of handy links/guides etc. Check out the ‘For Library Staff’ tab.
  • Commissioning Handbook – Ever wondering what ‘commissioning’ is and how librarians can help? This is the WIKI for you!
  • Knowledge Management in a Changing World – Not health-based, but a useful post summarising the ever developing KM role of librarians, something I feel is especially pertinent in health libraries
  • Useful Health Mobile Apps – A collection of health apps produced by Keele University. Apps are growing in popularity within health (especially within clinical settings). This list, is one of many that shares the best/most popular/most well known
  • Cases Database– A potential new primary evidence resource for literature searching. Check it out!
  • Consort Glossary – Collection of research terms useful for remembering during critical appraisal
  • HLWIKI International – A comprehensive guide to Health Librarianship from Canadian Health Librarians.

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