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What Health Librarians Do

At a recent meeting, it was brought up by the group, that as an entity, we health librarians don’t sell ourselves as much as we could. I also believe that NHS/Health Librarians lack the advocates of our more prominent peers in the academic and public sectors. I want this page to show and signpost to examples of health librarians in action – what health librarians do well and why we matter! If you know of anything that you think should be added, please let add it in the comments and I will add!

  • Knowledge for Healthcare
  • PKSB for Health (password required) – An adapted version of CILIP’s Professional Skills and Knowledge Base for the health sector. Check it out!
  • Clinical Librarian on the rounds – A video of the very excellent Victoria from Wirral showing how her service directly supports patient care
  • Information Consultancies – More than a literature search, a collection of appraised evidence on a topic that supports professional practice – often directly influencing commissioning and clinical decisions outcomes. These are links to the ones produced by my library service – but on offer at all trusts
  • Horizion Scanning Bulletins  – Supporting service provision and commissioning decision making (clinical desicion making is often supported by more traditional CA). These have been produced by North West NHS Library Folk from LIHNN.
  • Horizon Scanning Bulletin 2 – A case study of the horizon scanning project on the eWIN North West Portal
  • Why are Health Libraries and Health Librarians so Important? – A really interesting post written by Her Slant Finely about the role of the health librarian written for non-health library folk! A great starting point for anyone looking into health librarianship. It covers a lot of the skills required, and while library folk in other sub-sectors (primary care, mental health, more specific clinical librarians, health library management etc.) have different or additional roles and responsibilities – you will struggle to find such a brilliant and concise introduction to the sector
  • LIHNN Clinical Librarians Blog – A blog written for Clinical Librarians by Clinical Librarians. Full of case studies, best practice and hints/tips
  • Five Minutes with… A Clinical Librarian – A nice interview on The Guardian website with one of the North-West’s finest Librarians – Victoria Treadway. Provides a nice introduction to the role, framing the clinical librarians role as well as showing Victoria dedication, passion towards her role.
  • Embedded Public Health Librarian – A quick post I wrote about the part of my new role that is as an ‘Embedded PH Librarian’. Also briefly touches upon importance of the ‘personalisation of evidence’.
  • What Health Librarians Do: Part of HLWIKI International – A guide to What a Health Librarian Does!

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