Learning Log 108: #Fellowship5 Meeting: The Wider Determinants of Fellowship

Date:  27th July 2018

Number: 108

Significant Experience: the latest #fellowship5 meet-up

What Happened?:. The usual of what was actually said stays in the room applies. However, we did discuss what I believe is tour groups major strength –  the groups authenticity and rapport and how this has enabled the group to evolve from a group-mentoring approach to a peer-mentoring one.

So What?: The reason this jumped out at me as I reflected upon what problems we have brought up – either in general conversation or our adapted Action Learning Sets and very few of them were directly about Fellowship but often about the wider issues affecting Fellowship completion – or putting my public health hat *swiftly* on – ‘The Wider Determinants of Fellowship’™.

This was something I had begun to consider in my coaching sessions earlier in the year – that things are not in isolation, the gap between professional and personal is closer than we like sometimes – and perhaps that is even more so in professional development such as Fellowship where it is ongoing  and will drain personal time. So something being off – be it at home, or professionally can have a wider reaching impact on what you are trying to achieve. My example is putting undue pressure on what I expected from myself (covered here) and because I was burning myself out – coupled with negative coping mechanisms trying to deal with that – led to even more pressures on my time, meaning I just wouldn’t give Fellowship the time or attention it needed leading me to pause it.But it could be how you reflect on an issue or your perception of something may also be clouded by the wider environment.  You have to be aware of how these wider determinants affect how you approach things – and also be aware that some of these may be out of your control – which is often stressful in itself.

Now What?:   I am going to continue to be aware of the wider determinants and how they affect both my day to day work, but also as I look to restart my Fellowship in the autumn . This will ensure I am more productive in what I do.

When & Where?: Manchester, 25th July 2018

Read more about Determinants of Health here: http://www.who.int/hia/evidence/doh/en/ or read The Marmot Report. Its all interesting stuff.


Learning Log 107: Official Mentoring Debut

Date:  27th July 2018

Number: 107

Significant Experience: My first mentoring experience as ‘the mentor’

What Happened?:. Nothing said in meeting shall go in here (that is not my story to tell) – but it was the first meeting by my mentee and I and my first formal mentoring meeting as a ‘mentor’. It was a very enjoyable and productive 90 + minute chat!

So What?: It was a really interesting experience being on the other side of the relationship – although with peer-support #fellowship5 and informal mentoring relationships I have had experience – but never with someone’s Chartership hanging over us! During our conversation, I felt that there were times that I was leading a bit too much and trying to impress my knowledge and experience onto the mentee – and upon reflection, this isn’t what was needed or perhaps wanted – so this is something I shall work on. My mentee has had experience of coaching and whilst I am not a coach, I can bring concepts/aspects of that for the next meeting

Now What?:   I am going to (re-) read up on the fundamentals of coaching to try and have embedded the fundamentals for our next meeting. I shall also enquire if work do any coaching introductory sessions as improving in this area may also have benefits within work environment.

When & Where?: Manchester, 24th July 2018

Learning Log 106 – Away Day

Date:  19th July 2018

Number: 106

Significant Experience: Attended departmental/directorate away day

What Happened?: I attended my departmental away day in London that covered a wide range of interesting topics from Information Governance and records management – to quality within the organisation, through to an examination of the concepts of ‘Agile’ work and how it could benefit us at a team, department and organisational levels. Within these many different resources, standards and tools were also discussed.

So What?: There was very much a ‘ways or working’ approach to the day – as shown by the presentation themes above – I found it very useful to recognise some of the issues I had noticed in my bubble, such as occasional missed opportunities of joint work due to the size and scope of the organisation – have been recognised and are being challenged. There was also many other challenges AND opportunities that I was not aware of – including PHD opportunities and a research structure I had not yet encountered.

Now What?:  I am going to investigate the effectiveness Mentimeter as a tool to evolve how I deliver information skills sessions to improve learner  experience and outcomes, and I have also offered to look at how we can take the concepts of ‘Agile’ and use them within our organisational structure/resources to improve how I individually, and as part of a team can be more effective in our project work.

When & Where?: 18th July, Imperial War Museum (London Branch)

Learning Log 105 – CILIP Mentor Training

Date:  22nd June 2018

Number: 105

Significant Experience: I signed up for and completed the CILIP Online Mentoring course

What Happened?: I signed up for the online mentoring course, completed it and am now a CILIP Mentor!

So What?: I have had very positive mentoring experiences – through my Chartership, Fellowship (ongoing) and other positive experiences such as coaching. I am able to positively give back to my profession and help other people professionally develop.

Throughout my roles – be it CILIP NW Chair, on any of the innumerate committee/working groups/task and finish groups or even in my role as a work place and sector leader I have informally mentored both library and non-library staff both directly and indirectly. I am now in a position where I can positively contribute to other professional’s development whilst learning and growing myself.

Now What?:  Now the real work begins. I get to support a professional on their journey through professional registration

When & Where?: Online – June 2018

Learning Log 104 – Presenting at Health Libraries Group – HLG#2018 Conference 2018

Date:  18th June 2018

Number: 104

Significant Experience: I presented at my first ever conference – Health Libraries Group Conference 2018

What Happened?: I was given the opportunity to present at HLG 2018 by Kevin Burgoyne a Primary Care Librarian from Brighton and Sussex NHS Library and Knowledge Service. I presented on the role of Public Health Library and Knowledge Services in supporting Local Authority Public Health. With guidance /support from library colleagues I was able to prepare adequately and deliver to the standard I wanted to, in front of c60 people in a larger venue than I had done for CILIP NW/PHE/previous roles.

So What?: Presenting generally, but especially to larger groups has been something I have always actively avoided, but I now move towards things I historically avoided – such as being interviewed/recorded and thanks to Kevin  this opportunity to present presented itself. Although it was hard work, both preparation and delivery (for which I had help in both) I found the actual presentation quite exhilarating and well received – with both key note speakers from the morning congratulating me on the delivery and content which was very pleasing. Whilst I do not think I am a natural public speaker yet, I have shown myself that with proper presentation preparation I can do my best when presenting to larger audiences including those of my peers.

Now What?: This has given me a lot of confidence in my ability to speak publicly at larger knowledge sharing event. I am going to use this new found confidence to promote my profession to diverse audiences and promote myself as a leader in libraries

When & Where?: 14th June 2018, HLG Conference, Keele University,  Stoke.

Learning Log 102 – ‘Practical Tips for Library Management’ Interview

Date:  5th June 2018

Number: 102

Significant Experience: I was interviewed as a case study for the upcoming book ‘Practical Tips for Library Management’ by (principal?) Author Leo Appleton

What Happened?: Leo contacted me directly having heard my interview on ‘Librarians with Lives’ and wanted to interview me about how I use management techniques in my role, not traditional management but other aspects in my less traditional role.

So What?: It was interesting to get Leo’s perspective on my role, and his prompting (Friday afternoon Michael is not the sharpest knife in the drawer) on how I use management techniques was interesting. I would like to hear how other people have answered! It was really interesting to reflect both on my time as a manager, and what lessons I have learnt (mainly around expectations and standard setting) but also on how I manage other aspects of my role – from relationships to work load and to how I spend my time, and how much of a benefit my recent coaching experience has been for me. I think I probably benefited more than Leo from this conversation! I was also able to extol the virtues of the bullet journal to Leo – though I panicked and described it as a hipster to-do-list…

Now What?: I am going to reflect on what management techniques I use in these softer aspects of my role and see if I can fine tune them to increase my effectiveness.

When & Where?: